Themen für Spezialisierungsmodul, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten - LEA

Anmeldung für das Spezialisierungsmodul: im Wintersemester bis spätestens 31.Oktober, im Sommersemester bis spätestens 30.April

Für einige Themen ist ein obligatorisches Tutorial für das Programm SDevice oder für Umrichtersimulationen vorgesehen. Diese Themen wurden in der unterstehenden Tabelle entsprechend markiert.

Topic # Supervisor Bachelorthesis / Spezialisierungsmodul EE / Masterthesis Simulation / Practical Title Assigned SDevice Tutorial Language
1 Michael Schütt SM Practical Grid-Supporting and Grid-Forming Control with Doubly Fed Induction Motors   Eng/Ger
2 Magdalena Gierschner BT Simulation Frequency Stability of an Island Grid     Eng/Ger
3 David Hammes SM/MT Simulation Usage of Three-Level Converter after Phase Loss Leads to Steady Zero Vector     Eng/Ger
4 David Hammes SM/MT Simulation Influence of Additional L_Sigma on Three-Level Advanced ANPC Converter     Eng/Ger
5 Nastaran Hammes SM/MT Simulation Control of Grid Side Converter in a Wind Turbine Generation Unit Under Faulty and Distorted Grid Condition   Eng
6 Nastaran Hammes MT/BT Simulation Current Limiting of Grid-Forming Converters Under Faulty Grid     Eng
7 To Pham Ha Trieu SM/BT Practical SiC MOSFET Junction Temperature Online Measurement     Eng
8 To Pham Ha Trieu SM/BT Practial Gate Driver Communication Protocol     Eng
9 Michael Schütt MT Simulation Model Predictive Control for Loss Distribution in ANPCs     Eng/Ger
10 Felix Kayser BT/SM Practical Frequency Compensated SMD Shunt for Current Measurement of SiC Power Devices     Eng/Ger
11 Hao Wang BT Simulation Simulation for Calibration of IGBT Junction Temperature Measurement     Eng
12 Michael Schütt MT Grid-Supporting and Grid-Forming Control of a Wind Park via STATCOM Converter"   Eng/Ger  
13 Gurunath Vishwamitra SM/BT Simulation Investigation of Emcon Diode Parameters for Optimal Revese Recovery During Turn-on of MPT-IGBT   Eng
14 Vishwas Acharya N SM/BT Simulation Comparison of Different Desaturation Pulse Based Turn-off Strategies for Low Loss Turn-off of a Low Saturation IGBT   Eng
15 Christian Neumann BT Practical Implementation of Communication Protocolls for the SPS of a Test System   Eng/Ger
16 Jan Fuhrmann MT Practical Entwurf und Bau einer variable Gatetreiber-Spannungsversorgung     Eng/Ger
17 Jan Fuhrmann MT Practical Programmierung eines Oszilloskops mit veränderlichem Abtastintervall     Eng/Ger
18 Jan Fuhrmann BT/SMMT Practical Developement of a Leakage Current Measurement Tool     Eng/Ger
19 Christian Neumann PT Simulation Grid-forming Control for Onshore Modular Multilevel Converters with Subordinated Current Controls   Eng/Ger
20 Florian Sawallich BT Simulation Switching Behavior of SiC-Mosfets Under the Influence of Chip Parameters and Parasitic Parameters     Eng/Ger
21 Florian Sawallich SM Practical/Simulation Parasitic Inductance Extraction of PCB-Layouts: Comparison of Measurement, Simulation and Calculation     Eng/Ger
22 Martin Schubert SM Practical Untersuchung zur Parallelschaltung von MOSFETs   Eng/Ger
23 Ingmar Kaiser BT/MT Simulation Simulation of a Modular Multilevel Converter with Quasi Two-Level Control     Eng/Ger
24 Gyanendra Kumar Sah ST/MT/BT Simulation Cascaded Control Design for Grid Connected Solar Inverter and Global Maximum Power Point Tracking (GMPPT) for Solar String   Eng
25 Julian da Cunha BT/SM/MT Practical Development of a PCB Rogowski Current Measurement for Low Inductive Measurement of IGBT Switching Currents     Eng/Ger
26 Julian da Cunha SM/MT Practical Development of a Microcontroller Based Low Voltage Renewable Energy Grid Simulation for PR Events with Interaction Options     Eng/Ger